Abbey's story #Peace33

Every week we share a story from a member of Calvary Church that talks about faith and blessings. This week, Abbey shares her story about how she is living the blessed life as a student.

At the end of high school, I was blessed with an entrance scholarship that was higher than I expected to receive.

I was also blessed by a family member who offered me financial assistance - enough to cover the rest of my school fees not covered by my scholarship.

These two blessings combined meant that I did not need to worry about paying for university at all as long as I maintained my scholarship.

Since then, I have been blessed with a job within my field of study, even though I had never had a proper job before. I had only completed one year of post-secondary education, and had no qualifications and no experience when I was hired.

It could only have been God. I'm now going into my 6th contract for this job and am loving every second of it.