All Nations Sunday

Today, we celebrated diversity and multiculturalism at Calvary Church! People dressed in their cultures traditional clothing to represent their country. But everyone came together on Sunday to represent Jesus throughout the nations.

We celebrated with:

  • the Lords Prayer in Albanian,
  • a medley of African, Haitian creole, Filipino, Spanish, and Jamaican songs,
  • stories about life in the Caribbean, and
  • an international potluck and display after service.

We also had a special guest speaker, Bro. Brocc Chavis. He spoke about how every soul matters and how God doesn’t want anyone to perish (2 Peter 3:9). Everyone regardless of race or nationality counts.

He spoke about how we’re connected by an experience.  An experience that changed our eternal destination instead of our DNA. It made us a family.


Bro. Chavis noted that it’s sometimes hard to fight the urge to create divisions amongst ourselves. But with God’s spirit in us, we’re able to walk, talk, and love the way Jesus did.

It’s not our job to decide if people deserve or will accept this message. Our job is to simply share the gospel. 

If you missed All Nations Sunday, that’s okay! Join us next year! But if you want to get a taste sooner, Calvary is a multicultural church. You’ll get a taste of All Nations Sunday every Sunday!