B2G Sunday: 2 Years down, one more to go!

Do you know what happens when our will lines up with the will of God? Miracles.

The great heroes of the faith like Moses, Abraham, Daniel, Peter, and Paul teach us that when we set aside our will and say "God, I’m yours, I surrender to you. What would you have me do?", amazing things happen.

Society teaches us to self-centred. To think about ourselves, enrich ourselves, spend on ourselves, and to always look out for number one -- ourselves.

But the Bible teaches us that we are blessed when we put others first. That it is better to give than to receive. That we are in line with God’s will when we sacrifice for others.

At Calvary Church, we have been putting this biblical idea to the test very directly. Calvary Church is filled with people who have said "God has been so good to me, I am going to use my blessings for the kingdom of God, so that someone I probably haven’t even met can experience what I have experienced".

Our focus for this two year celebration is the fact that we are all blessed to give. We did not arrive at this two year celebration by accident or by luck. We arrived here because of our:

  • our willingness to sacrifice,
  • our unwavering faith that God would make the impossible possible, and
  • our faith that God will multiply our efforts and enable us to expand our ministry spaces.

Most importantly, we got here because we understand that it's not about us. Its about His kingdom and His glory.

As we move into our final year of B2G, let's take time to thank Him for the miracles he's already performed and will do. Let's all come together and praise God that each of us is able to say “I am Blessed 2 Give”.