B2G Sunday: The BIG YEAR

This is a big year for Calvary Church. Infact, this is THE BIG YEAR. This is the third and final year of #B2G.

There is a sense of unity, joy, excitement, and purpose in the air as we anticipate what God is going to do in Calvary Church in 2017.

We believe that God has many more incredible things in store for us and that He is just starting the process of birthing our miracle.

Trust God with what you have

The Bible teaches us that it doesn't take extraordinary ability to experience God's blessings. It just takes a willingness to give what we have to God and let him make it into something special.

Front row seat to miracles

One of the amazing things about this campaign is that we are sitting front row seats to witness God's miraculous activity. Over the past two years, we have heard incredible testimonies financial and spiritual blessings that have unfolded. This month alone, we heard how :

  • God laid the ground work for Bro. Manuel's blessing before the campaign even began, and
  • Bro. Adams faithfulness resulted in unexpected blessings beyond his imagination.

Those stories will become stories that are shared for decades to come to reinforce how amazing God is.

More miracles are on the way

Now, maybe you are waiting for your miracle to be birthed. Pastor Jeremy believes that in the coming days, you will see your miracle start to take shape.

This year, we must extend our faith beyond where it has ever been. Pour our efforts and energy into a strong finish. Call on God's name and say, "show your glory and power!".

Stay faithful and God will exceed our imaginations

This is the year that will help set the course for the next 20 years at Calvary. This is the year where as we remain faithful, God will blow our minds. This is THE BIG YEAR.