B2G Sunday: The Prayer Room

It's no coincidence that Jesus's ministry started and ended in prayer.

  • When he started his 3 year public ministry, we see him praying in the wilderness.
  • As he prepares for the cross, we see him praying all night prayer in a garden.

Everything we do has to start and end with prayer.

Unless the Lord builds a house, the work of the builders is wasted.
Unless the Lord protects a city, guarding it with sentries will do no good.
Psalms 127:1

Everything we do has to be directed, designed, and built by God or its useless. You can't have God's will and power actively working without prayer.

Prayer and #B2G

Long before there was #B2G, there was prayer. Over two years ago it was Pastor with a vision for the next era of Calvary Church, crying out to God for direction.

It was prayer that brought us to #B2G. Like Jesus walking up to the fishermen and saying cast your net on the other side, Jesus showed us a totally different way to build our capacity to reach more of our city.

We knew that we needed more room for others, and God led us to a dedicated three year sacrificial campaign that would change the culture of our church. A campaign that will help us focus more on others and less on ourselves. A campaign that will raise the financial resources needed to build an extension on our current building so that we can reach the first 1000 members of the Calvary family.

In the summer of 2014, over two years ago, We had prayer meetings to launch #B2G. We prayed for what we as individuals could give, prayed for unity in our church, for blessings and for power.

In Nov 2014 we launched #B2G and God answered our prayers.

#B2G Focus: The Prayer Room

This month, our focus is on the prayer room.

Everything comes back to this. The prayer room will be the battleground of our new building. It's where battles will be fought and where we conquer ground.

Get excited about the vision.