April Update from Craig in Sweden

Craig is a young man who attends Calvary Church. He's currently in Sweden helping to grow a church. Every month, he send a newsletter out to update friends and family about what God is doing in Sweden. Here is this months update.

April 7th marked a year since the Stockholm terrorist attack, and with that, the incredible story of God’s hand of protection on upon my life. I returned to where the incident happened on that day, the street just as busy as the year before. City officials held a memorial service in Kungstradgarden, which was filled with people remembering the horrors of that tragic event.

I decided several weeks ago that on the Sunday of April 8th I would share my testimony of the terrorist attack and how on several other occasions I have come close to death. I made a push in making announcements and building expectation for the service, and God certainly provided. We had 3 guests that night, 11 people in total attendance and a powerful move of the spirit! I was approached afterward by several people thanking me for sharing my story, and that it had made an impact on them. Additionally, I have been told that multiple guests said they would like to return to the church services.