Elvanto: The easy way to stay in the know

Hey Calvary Church, have you heard of Elvanto?

Pastor and Sister K were looking for a way for our church community to stay connected and keep up to date. Bulletins were not the answer and CCB did not work out at all. Then they found Elvanto!

We haven’t explored all it can do yet, but based on recommendations from churches who use it, Elvanto looks like it's going to be a great fit for our church too.

Go ahead and see for yourself! You 'll never need to complain about missing information again because from now on, if you didn’t know, you’re not on Elvanto.

How to login to Elvanto

Check your email for login details

Sister K is sending emails with your login details. Check your inbox for that email and follow the instructions. If your email is older than 2 weeks old and you haven't logged into to use it yet, your password has expired. Contact us for a new password.

Login from the website

If you already have an account, Log into Elvanto from the link on this website's menu bar.