Effey's story #Priceless33

Every week we share a story from a member of Calvary Church that talks about faith and blessings. This week, Effey shares her story about how she sacrificed and ended up with a more than she could imagine.

“I had been saving up for a down payment for a house. At the time, I was a single woman and I knew it was going to take a bit of time to save up what I needed. As we launched into the Blessed2 Give campaign, I began to surrender to God's call to give sacrificially to the campaign.

As I searched my heart I realized what I was being asked to sacrifice was the money I was saving up for a down payment. I gave it all to the campaign, trusting in God to provide in His time. Within a year of giving the money to the campaign, God blessed me with a wonderful husband and family. Together, we purchased a lovely home. When I gave to the campaign, I didn't realize that God would bless me even more than what I had given!”