B2G: Faith + sacrifice

A lot has changed in our lives since November 2014. Through weddings, children, changes in jobs, houses, and cars, this simple formula has proven to be true:

Faith + sacrifice = Advancing gods kingdom

Since the start of B2G, the vision has become more clear. We have become more focused and unified in our vision for Calvary church to move forward and conquer new ground in this city.

And step by step we have been faithful in sacrificing and watching God perform miracle after miracle.

But now, we are in the God zone - the space where we've done all that we can do and God has to show up with power and glory to reach our goals. We can't meet and exceed the target if God doesn't do something crazy. But, as we know, God does his best work when we give him space to showcase his power.

This Tuesday, we will gather and call on his power I collective prayerand fasting. Join us as wel focus on asking God to show His mighty power in this last stretch of B2G!