Fall Update from Craig in Sweden

Craig is a young man who attends Calvary Church. He's currently in Sweden helping to grow a church. Every month, he send a newsletter out to update friends and family about what God is doing in Sweden. Here is this months update.

Summer has passed; scarves, gloves, and coffee are all now necessities of the cool early mornings, footsteps have begun to crunch on the falling leaves, and the sun has begun to settle down for its winter hibernation. Gone are the days of t-shirt weather, which means it is time to look back at what has happened over the past several months.

Back in the month of May, regional directors Bro. and Sis. Robert Kelly came to Stockholm to preach and be with us. It was in that service that we set our record attendance of 16 (since the leadership fall out, remember Stockholm church used to be ~50). It was also when one of our young ladies (Julia) decided to be baptized! It was the first baptism to occur since the fall out event. We were more than thrilled to open up this new chapter for the church. It certainly felt like a barrier had been broken. Since that service we have maintained an average attendance of 7, certainly an improvement from our beginnings of just 3!