Introducing Project 33

What a journey God is leading us on. After years of hard work and sacrifice, we are constructing a new building for the glory of God’s Kingdom. We are 18 months away from moving into a new facility with more ministry capabilities.

Blessed 2 Give

As we move into our building phase, we are very aware of the cost to complete our project. God has been faithful to us as we have been faithful to Him. We challenged Him in our Blessed 2 Give the campaign to show us a miracle. He did just that. With His help, Calvary Church raised over 1.5 million dollars for our current building project.

But we are not done yet. There is still more that God wants and needs to do so we can fulfill the promise and vision for Calvary.

Jeremiah 33:3 speaks to where we are and what we are looking to God to do for us:

“Ask me and I will tell you remarkable secrets you do not know about things to come”.

This is a promise from God that we took hold of 4 years ago. It is a promise that we must keep holding onto until we complete our building project. We asked… and we must keep asking.

Project 33

We are excited to introduce you to our P33 Campaign. We are going back to God to ask Him what other secrets He has in store for us. We want Him to show us His Sure Hand (the knowledge that events in our life are closely guided by God).

We are looking to hear God whisper those remarkable plans to us again.

We want to challenge every member of Calvary to ask God:

  • What more can I do for the future of Calvary Church?

  • What else do you have in store for me to see and witness?

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The goal

Over the next 24 months, our new house of worship will be built. We will experience the Sure Reward of God (the understanding that God is the reason for the good things that come to us in life) as He fills us with His blessings.

We are in the final stretch of fulfillment. What crazy miracles does God have for us in these next 24 months? Let’s find out together as men and women believing in an all-providing God.

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