Pastor Appreciation Month

God is the great shepherd, and He says that He will place people in our lives to serve as shepherds (see Jeremiah 3:15).

A shepherd is a gift from God that guides and direct us where to go. They challenge us, make the bible clear to us, and help us apply it to our lives.

Calvary Church is thankful to have a ministerial team that works together to form a strong coherent voice in our lives that is patterned after Gods' heart.

So, in honor of Pastor Appreciation Month, we took a moment to thank our ministerial team for the following reasons:

1) We are thankful for a team that is patterned after God's heart.

We never have to worry that we will be put down or mistreated by our ministerial team. Instead, we can count on the fact that they pray, study, and seek biblical wisdom. They pour everything into making sure we hear from the Lord.

2) We are thankful for a team that leads by example through service and sacrifice.

This team has a mindset of "I am going to get the job done. I'm not going to complain. I will do what it takes." They quietly serve Calvary Church, behind the scenes, without fanfare.

3) We are thankful for a team that can handle the Spiritual burden of caring for 500+ people.

Only a pastor can relate to the heaviness that comes with seeking God to provide guidance to 500 people.

Are you thankful for the ministerial team?

Let them know!