Prayer and Fasting Week

January 7 - 11 is our week of prayer and fasting to help us get into the right mindset for the year. During this week, there will be prayer at the church every night that week at 7:00 PM.

What is fasting?

Fasting is giving up food for a specific amount of time while focusing on God. We fast and pray for results, but the results are in God’s hands. The results are spiritual and glorify God – both for the person who fasts and the people who we fast and pray for.

Different types of fasts

There are different types of fasts described in the Bible:

  • Total Fast: not eating any food and non-water liquids for a period of time.

  • Daniel Fast: 21-day fast without meats, sweets, refined or processed foods, etc...

  • Sunrise to Sunset Fast: abstaining from food and liquids from the time the sun rises and sets.

  • Partial Fast: abstaining from one meal, a snack, activity, etc…

Note: Consult your doctor before you begin a total or sunrise to sunset fast for an extended period of time.

How long should you fast

The length of time you fast is up to you and God. The goal is to have a successful, focused fast.

During your fast

While fasting, instead of eating, fill that void with a spiritual effort or activity. For example, instead of eating you we:

  • read the Bible

  • pray

  • cook a meal and take it to a shelter

  • participate in a ministry in your church


If you want to learn more about fasting, contact us.