There is a cloud

20 years ago, we left the comfort of our small church on Cuba Avenue and built our current church building. Back then, everything in our current building seemed huge compared to our old church. The altar space was gigantic, the platform was massive, and there was tons of room for growth.

Three years ago, our church was growing steadily and our building was almost paid off. But our church leaders knew that the mission and call of God was too strong for us to be complacent or satisfied.

Growth is mandated for the church.

After months of prayer, fasting and seeking direction, our church leaders received a clear answer from God. God invited us to push forward with a bold plan to make room for the next generation of Calvary Church.

Our world desperately needs Jesus and the church must to create room for others. We knew that responding to the call of God would take determination, faith and sacrifice. Even so, we combined what we could give sacrificially with what we believed God could do. Put together, it introduced the financial vision of raising 1.5 million dollars in 3 years.

At the time this was a terrifyingly large number. Our building program was striving to raise 60k a year and we were talking about achieving over 8 times that amount.

We started our campaign with the biggest one time offering ever to take place in a church in this city. And now, we’re within striking distance of reaching that impossible goal. Every sacrifice has been worth it because the mission of the church to reach the lost is worth it.

During the first B2G service, Pastor Jeremy boldly spoke about something transformative on the horizon. Maybe we can’t see it right now, but it is coming. He told the story of the drought facing the nation of Israel and Elijah’s prophetic word that there was a rain cloud coming. Declaring that way in the distance was the hint of the miracle.

Today, because we have heard the call of God, and answered it we now find ourselves standing under the cloud of God’s glory. We are blessed to Give.