Uyi and Joy’s story #Power33

Every week we share a story from a member of Calvary Church that talks about faith and blessings. This week, Uyi and Joy share three major blessings.

I can't stop thinking about the amazing things God did for the church and how much He blessed my family. We want to highlight three things in particular:

  1. About 20 yrs ago, Joy received a prophecy that she may die while having her 3rd child, so we had this fear in us for 10yrs, but kept praying. During B2G, God blessed us with a baby girl. Mother and child are alive and well to this day.

  2. In one year, God built us a house, without any savings or initial plans towards it. Because we joined the mission to build for God first, He turned around and built for us.

  3. We had serious immigration problems and were facing possible deportation from Canada. Instead of receiving deportation notice, God gave us permanent residence.

B2G wasn't just about the building, God wanted the opportunity to bless his children, show us mercy, give us grace and give us new testimonies. We thank God for giving our pastor a vision for Calvary.