Winterlude Outing with the Married Couples

The married couples of Calvary gathered on Groundhog Day to take in the opening festivities of Winterlude. The Married Couples leaders, Jason and Adri, enjoyed a walk on the Rideau Canal Skate-way and savored an Ottawa institution; the Beavertail.


A group of 16 met for a tasty Indian buffet at the East India Company restaurant. There was food, fellowship and frivolity plus a couple of hearty belly guffaws from an individual that will remain nameless.


After enjoying a cornucopia of Indian delights the group set off for Confederation Park to enjoy the sights, sounds and the delights of Winterlude.

Ice sculptures and twinkling lights make for a magical event and last night was no exception. With full (alright, overfull) bellies, we set a casual pace as we strolled around confederation park taking everything in. Together, we took the opportunity to pose in groups and pairs beside beautiful ice carvings. Then we lined up to walk the perimeter of the park that held international sculptures in various stages of creation (go Canada). We even got to watch  a few of the artists at work! Yup, it was Insanely cold outside. But there was music, lights, glow wands, snow taffy, ice sculptures, and christian friends. Challenge accepted.