The beginning

In March of 1963, our founding pastors Arthur and Florence Downing opened the doors to Calvary United Pentecostal Church. They wanted to create a place where people who do not know God can experience His saving power. 

With their deep sense of sacrifice, the Downings saw our church grow from a few families to many more. This led to the construction of our first church building on 1 Main Street.

The 1970's

In 1973, the Downings turned the leadership over to Fred Morris, who worked diligently to grow and expand Calvary.

On December 5, 1975, Garland Hansom moved to Ottawa with his wife and new born baby boy. Together, they accepted the call of God to lead our church.

Under his leadership, Calvary Church moved from 1 Main Street to 1771 Cuba Avenue in 1977. 

The 1980's

Calvary continued in its mission to help people to connect to God and experience His saving power. As a result, we saw a great revival and explosion of growth. 

The 1990's

After 20 years of ministry, in 1997 Pastor Garland Hanscom felt that God wanted him to lead Calvary into another building program. 1681 Cyrville Road was miraculously purchased and our current church was built. The increased amount of space helped Calvary continue to minister to people that want to know more about God.

The 2000's

Jeremy and Karina Hanscom were elected as lead pastors on March 11th, 2009. Together, they accepted the calling and responsibility to lead and love the people of Calvary Church. 

The 2010's

Over the years, Calvary experienced the continued blessings of God. Multiple families of all nationalities, generations, and languages have made Calvary their home church and place of worship.